Park management

The Map page allows an instant verification of the operating status of all solar inverters whose position has been defined during the registration of the monitoring account. The positioning of the solar inverters on the map is defined by address indicated during registration.

The purpose of the park management supervision feature is to enable installers to quickly react to events that may impact the performance of the solar inverters and to trigger fast preventive actions. For the user, the park management provides increased security of the system’s operation.



The color of the geo-location picker varies depending on the collected data: solid green indicates the correct operation, flashing green indicates that the internet connection is slow, red indicates that the inverter has stopped following a fault condition, orange warns one of a non-critical problem and black indicates that the entered serial number is incorrect.

From the map view, the installer can then check the real-time status of the photovoltaic plant’s production and the events that were registered by the solar inverter, simply by clicking on the serial number associated with the particular installation.

The map view is followed by a table that allows one to browse through and filter the installations, with use of the search field located at the top right of the table. Clicking on a plus sign in the top-left corner of the table will bring up the page where new user accounts can be created.