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Power your home with IMEON

Produce and consume your own electricity using IMEON hybrid solar inverters.

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Switch to solar self-consumption

By equipping your building with an IMEON for solar self-consumption, you take a step towards autonomy.

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Analyze your project

Are you getting started? First of all, meet an installer to analyze your project. Define your needs, optimize the size of your installation and obtain an accurate quote covering all the necessary components  of your solar system for self-consumption.

Install your photovoltaic system

The installation of a photovoltaic system by a qualified installer is carried out relatively quickly: installation of solar panels on the roof of the building or on the ground, installation of the hybrid IMEON solar inverter, installation of DC and AC electrical protection, connection to batteries and connection to the grid. After a simple configuration, the system produces its first kWh. You are a producer of solar electricity!

Cultivate your energy

In a way similiar to a gardener who tasted the fruits he had cultivated, the self-producer of energy collects, with as much satisfaction, the solar electricity necessary for the energy supply of his home.

The benefits of choosing IMEON

Added value
Equipping your home with a photovoltaic self consumption system can generate added value when you…
Smart home
The IMEON solar inverter is network-connected and has the ability to communicate with various peripheral…
By acquiring an IMEON ENERGY solution for solar self-consumption, the user saves a lot of…
Energy autonomy
At present, global warming is an important issue. In our interest and that of future…
Thoroughly confident of the quality of IMEON hybrid inverters, IMEON ENERGY offers a guarantee of…
Backup mode
Thanks to its innovative architecture the IMEON inverter is capable of providing a backup power…

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