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Self-consume your own solar electricity

It is now possible and it is now simple to produce your own solar electricity by installing a self-consumption photovoltaic system with batteries.

Aim for energy independence

By acquiring an IMEON hybrid inverter for self-consumption, you reduce your energy dependency on the conventional suppliers of electricity.

IMEON solutions

Les onduleurs solaires hybrides IMEON sont un concentré de technologie et d’innovation qui gèrent simultanément plusieurs sources d’énergies et pallient à la fluctuation et à l’intermittence de l’énergie solaire.

IMEON reinvents the solar inverter!

IMEON ENERGY, the leading manufacturer of hybrid solar inverters integrating Artificial Intelligence.

Quality solutions
The quality of the IMEON hybrid inverter is a daily obsession of our teams. Our…

Available in more than 70 countries

From Paris to Sydney, from Oslo to Johannesburg, from Tahiti to Casablanca, Imeon provides you with energy.

Why solar energy?

One kWh of solar electricity is cheaper than the one sold by conventional electricity providers. This competitiveness of the solar kWh is a consequence of the increase of the conventional electricity prices and the decrease of the photovoltaic installations costs.

Pourquoi solaire

Lower electricity bill

With a self-consumption solar system with storage and an IMEON hybrid inverter, the user saves a lot of money on his electricity bill. Once the components are acquired, the user benefits from free electricity generated by a resource without limit - the solar energy.

Contribution for the planet

Continously rising prices of electricity, depletion of fossil fuels, lower cost of photovoltaic systems with batteries, grid parity; all elements are now together to set the course for positive energy and to equip your household with a solar system for self-consumption.

Energy autonomy

Making your home self-sufficient is now possible! Thanks to the solar self-consumption solution with IMEON storage, it is possible to reduce one's dependence on historical electricity suppliers by producing one's own renewable energy.

IMEON Hybrid inverter’s operation

IMEON stores excess solar energy in batteries for use at night or during power outages.

Testimonials and press

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