The future platform of shared energy VIRTUAL POWER PLANT


It’s more apparent than ever before that meeting future needs of humanity calls for immediate integration of renewable energies into the global energy production and distributionstructure. To successfully complete this transition, it is necessary to reinvent the architecture of the distribution network as well as the way of producing, storing and consuming energy.


The era of shared energy.



IMEON ENERGY has developed a revolutionary Virtual Power Plant able to be seamlessly weaved into the existing power grids in order to partially replace centralized energy production plants. IMEON VPP Management Platform makes it possible to remotely control clusters of IMEON hybrid inverters allowing users to exchange the energy produced by their solar plants and allowing grid operators to benefit from the Grid Assist features of the Platform.


The VPP Management Platform handles the aggregation of multiple IMEON inverters with their dedicated storage, grouped together into manageable clusters. Connected to the Internet and remotely controllable, these facilities will be able to provide, in addition to instantaneous energy output, storage capacities available for voltage and / or frequency adjustments as well as energy sink / supply services among others.


Energy can then be shared automatically and intelligently. By using IMEON Hybrid Inverters to manage residential photovoltaic microgeneration plants you can supply your neighbors with energy or have neighbors providing energy to your home. Each IMEON serves as a building block of a reliable, modern and efficient energy distribution and consumption network.

Where can I find an IMEON reseller?

IMEON Solar Hybrid Inverters are procurable through a network of more than 30 distributors worldwide, covering nearly 70 countries. These partners are selected for their competence and capacity to provide you with an outstanding service.

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