IMEON ENERGY enters very select community of FRENCH TECH

The “French Tech” designates all those who work for or work with French start-ups in France or abroad. Entrepreneurs in the first place, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, major groups, associations, media, public operators, research institutes etc… who are committed to the growth of start-ups as well as their international influence.

Convinced that it is necessary to promote the emergence of successful start-ups in France to generate economic value and jobs, the Government created the French Tech Initiative at the end of 2013. Its philosophy: to build on member initiatives of the French Tech themselves, highlight what already exists, and create a snowball effect. The French Tech Initiative is not about the State that frames, it is about the State that supports. It is a shared ambition, propelled by the State but carried and built with all the actors.

“We are proud to belong to LA FRENCH TECH” says Christophe Goasguen, C.E.O. of IMEON ENERGY.” It is the acknowledgement of the performance of our company and our products. LA FRENCH TECH recognizes our desire to innovate and our global ambitions. With this label, IMEON ENERGY will benefit from increased visibility and credibility among our customers and suppliers”