IMEON hybrid inverter

IMEON hybrid solar inverters technology is the all-in-one solution for true multi-source energy management. Consuming the produced solar power directly, storing it in batteries for later use or for the event of a power failure, injecting to or consuming from the grid only if necessary, is now possible.

IMEON solar inverters are a concentrate of technology and innovation. The implementation of an artificial intelligence allows IMEON to understand its environment and to adapt its energy management strategy while respecting the objectives of the user: autonomy, lowering the energy bill, securing the power supply…

IMEON solar inverter for self-consumption is the heart of your solar system. IMEON displays a genuine consciousness as it learns, predicts, anticipates and adapts its operation using machine learning processes, aiming to make the best choices to increase your autonomy. IMEON is the only inverter that anticipates the future. Its unparalleled capabilities, unique in the market, allow it to constantly evolve and accommodate new features, thus increasing its profitability.