Smart home

The IMEON solar inverter is network-connected and has the ability to communicate with various peripheral devices (batteries via CAN communication protocol, monitoring platforms via RS485 protocol, connected devices …), it therefore becomes a full-fledged component of a modern smart home or any home automation system.

The term home automation refers to a set of techniques in electronics, automation, computing and telecommunication used to centralize the control of different devices within the building (heating system, shutters, garage door, entrance gate, electrical outlets, etc.). Home automation aims to provide comfort features (energy management, optimization of lighting and heating), security (alarm) and communication (remote controls, visual or audible signals, etc.) that can be deployed in homes, hotels, public places etc.

In this context IMEON is much more than just a solar inverter, it’s designed to become a centerpiece of the smart home system. The different integrated communications interfaces, the computing capacity of the built-in processor as well as the artificial intelligence operating inside our solar inverter, allow IMEON to learn, predict and anticipate events in order to adjust its behavior and management schemes with respect to objectives defined by the user. The applications we develop, which are available through the IMEON OS. ONE interface, allow the user to update their IMEON so that it can constantly develop and communicate with new connected devices.

IMEON is much more than just a solar inverter!