How to get the best performance from your batteries?

Lead-acid batteries (GEL, AGM, OPz) can be used with IMEON inverters. In combination with the settings made on IMEON OS. ONE app, a careful reading and analysis of your manufacturer’s specifications is the key to the proper sizing of your installation. Among the odd damage to your batteries are: extended periods without full charge, cycles with excessive discharges (DODs too high), incorrectly set charging cycles. This is why you must pay attention to the bulk and float voltages, to the maximum values ​​of charging and discharging currents. A charging voltage or charge current that is too high will damage your batteries. In contrast, insufficient bulk and float voltages will lead to poor results and ultimately a degradation of the battery bank until it is not used. Large discharge settings (such as a DOD value set to 100%) will make your batteries unusable sooner or later.All the attention paid to these points will be rewarded with comfortable and optimized results.Finally, consider that the dimensioning as a whole must include the possibility of charging your batteries: inadequate PV sizing or even rule out the possibility of charging your batteries from the network will lead you to disappointing results. Most Lithium battery parameters are specific and managed automatically. To enable their use, you must first check our list of compatible models (contact your distributor or our sales department).