The site is consuming 10kW at peak, can I still use your 3kW single phase Imeon 3.6 inverter?

In this scenario, you can use IMEON 3.6 installed in parallel to grid with Smart meter. In this configuration, only the “AC grid” connector of the IMEON inverter is used. The IMEON will attempt to provide the maximum power from solar panels and the battery and the complementary power will be taken from the grid. At peak consumption at 10kW, the IMEON will provide up to 3kW and the missing 7kW will be provided by the grid. In this configuration, it is always possible to use the output AC backup output of the IMEON keeping in mind that total connected load  must be lower than 3kW. 

It’s not possible to install the inverter in series to grid in this scenario (see IMEON installation guide). The total load connected to the AC Backup output must be lower than the rated power of the IMEON (3kW for IMEON 3.6). It is therefore not possible to connect 10kW to this output.