What is the Smart-Meter for?

The Smart-Meter is an energy metering device installed at the site’s AC grid entry point. The role of the meter is to monitor and report real time energy consumption of the site. This measurement is sent to the IMEON inverter via a wired connection.
When the IMEON inverter receives information from the Smart-Meter, it responds by injecting power to AC Grid, corresponding to the real time energy consumption measured by the meter. The injected power would come from your solar installation and / or the battery, the renewable sources would therefore be used to offset the consumption from AC Grid as close to 0W as possible (within the power rating of the IMEON), without exporting power to the grid.
For example, if the installed IMEON is a 3kW single phase unit and that:
• the consumption measured by the Smart-Meter is 4kW,
• the solar installation produces 2kW,
• the battery can supply 1kW,

The IMEON will inject 3kW (solar + battery production, limited by power rating of the inverter) to AC Grid. The additional power of 1kW will be withdrawn from the electricity network.