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How to produce your own electricity?

How to produce your own electricity?

It is now possible to install an autonomous solar kit to produce electricity at home. To do this, the installer who will have been selected will, in addition to installation effort, supply different components that will allow the user to produce electricity. The main components of the solar kit are: photovoltaic solar panels, an IMEON hybrid inverter, a battery bank with a nominal voltage of 48Vdc, a mounting structure, AC and DC protection, accessories (wiring, connectors etc …).

Before the project, the installer must carry out a study that allows to determine the size the various components of the autonomous solar kit. This study must take into account the electrical consumption profile of the site, the meteorological data as well as the objectives of the user. This preliminary study is necessary to determine the appropriate components to produce the electricity in effective and efficient way.

The roles of the main components of the autonomous solar kit are:

Photovoltaic solar panels: they generate electricity by transforming solar radiation into a direct current and voltage.

The IMEON hybrid Inverter: it is the brain of the autonomous solar kit. It analyzes in real time several parameters such as the consumption of the equipped site, the production of the solar installation, the state of charge of the batteries and the status of the public electricity network. Depending on these parameters and the user’s objectives, IMEON decides which sources of energy to use and how to use them: direct consumption, storage in batteries, injection into the public electricity grid.

Batteries (lithium or lead-acid): they can store the excess production generated during the day to use it during the night or in the evening, when the solar production is insufficient to meet the electricity needs of the building. The batteries will be used to supply electricity during power cuts in the public electricity grid (back-up). It is mandatory that the installer selects batteries compatible with IMEON hybrid inverters.

To quickly understand how an autonomous solar kit works to produce electricity, you can watch this video.

IMEON ENERGY recommends to contact an experienced professional to install the autonomous solar kit.