IMEON onduleur hybride solaire compatible Kilowatt Labs

Compatibility with Kilowatt Labs supercapacitor-based storage

The recently achieved compatibility between IMEON solutions and Kilowatt Labs supercapacitor-based storage enables IMEON ENERGY to offer its customers an alternative to conventional electrochemical lead or lithium battery systems. This emerging storage technology provides many advantages over electrochemical batteries available on the market at this moment:

  • The only storage product offering a 10-year warranty with no end-of-life capacity degradation
  • The highest DC to DC roundtrip efficiency in the industry
  • The fastest charging time in the industry, of 45 minutes, without affecting capacity or cycle life
  • Minimal heat generation during cycling and no risk of thermal runaway
  • No oversizing required for operation in high or low temperatures

IMEON ENERGY has developed a dedicated battery management software foreseen for Kilowatt Labs SIRIUS supercapacitor-based modules. The software optimally manages the process of charging and discharging the 3.55kWh SIRIUS modules. This successful development, a result of a partnership with an innovative enterprise, confirms IMEON ENERGY’s desire to become a major player in the field of power electronics and storage of energy.

 About Killowatt Labs:

Kilowatt Labs is a New York City headquartered technology company focused on the creation of innovative products that
address the world’s energy problems. The company designs, manufactures and sells energy storage and power management
solutions that deliver unprecedented performance across a broad range of industrial, commercial and residential applications,
and facilitate the integration of renewable energy into conventional energy distribution systems, ultimately making reliable
energy accessible everywhere including in underserved regions.