IMEON ENERGY Increases the lifespan of a solar battery by up to 50%.

After 7 years of research and development, IMEON ENERGY has succeeded in increasingthe lifetime of batteries for solar applications by up to 50%using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Now, applications developed by IMEON ENERGY can manage batteries according to the seasons:

A “seasonal Cutoff” application has been designed for the OS. ONE OS and running on IMEON solar inverters allows installers and users to configure the depth of discharge (DOD) settings of solar batteries for each month of the year separately.

Why set depth of discharge parameters?

The Depth of Discharge (DOD) setting allows you to determine the maximum amount of energy that must be drawn from the battery before it is fully charged again. The availability of solar energy that can be used for charging is not uniform throughout the year.

In the northern hemisphere, any photovoltaic solar panel will perform better in June and July and worse in the winter months. At the same time, the demand for electricity produced by PV systems tends to increase in winter, as it can be used for heating or because people in households prefer to stay indoors more often. Therefore, in winter, a solar inverter may take several days to recharge a battery that would otherwise be recharged in one day in summer. Therefore, different depth of discharge settings, depending on the time of year, are needed to ensure that the battery is charged evenly throughout the year.

This depth of discharge setting has a significant effect on the life of the battery. The number of charge-discharge cycles a battery can withstand without loss of capacity depends on the depth of discharge setting: the less the battery is discharged, the longer it will last.

Reducing the DOD settings according to the season not only ensures that the battery is regularly fully charged, but also extends its life!

This unique feature is now available free of charge to IMEON solar inverter users and extends the life of the energy storage by up to 50%. This remarkable achievement reduces the cost of each kWh generated by a solar installation, as properly managed batteries rarely need to be replaced. The seasonal Cutoff application adds to the catalogue of applications already available on the OS. ONE platform integrated in IMEON solar inverters.