From June 20th to 22nd, 2018, IMEON ENERGY presented its latest version of hybrid inverters at the Intersolar trade show in Munich with the new intelligent operating system IMEON OS. ONE as well as the latest version of its monitoring allowing to quickly and easily visualize the essential information of the photovoltaic installation.The numerous visitors also appreciated the new downloadable applications that allow permanent updates of the inverters. Has an example, IMEON ENERGY has unveiled its Weather Coupling application, which forecasts solar energy production from local weather forecasts, giving users the opportunity to better manage their future consumption.

Moreover, thanks to its artificial intelligence, IMEON integrates a Machine Learning process that will allow it to understand the consumption profile of the equipped site to predict and anticipate future consumption. It will optimize the management of batteries and thus significantly increase their lifespan, key point of self-consumption systems with storage, optimally managing charges and discharges. IMEON’s Energy Management System (EMS) is a great asset for the profitability and longevity of photovoltaic systems.


Thus, the largest global meeting for the solar industry has been a total success for the company. Thanks to all our visitors, customers and future partners.See you next year!