Sine wave inverter

DC to AC inverter allows you to change the power from the photovoltaic panels and the battery inverter to the household appliance. Meanwhile, the term of sine wave inverter leads to the type of power generated by a solar inverter. There are two most common types of sine wave inverter; pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters, these two waves are working on AC power.

The pure sine wave inverter has the shape of right wave, as in the electric voltage. The voltage on the pure sine wave inverter can rises and falls smoothly, and the phase angle changes smoothly and also changes its polarity instantly when it passes through the 0 Volt.

The modified sine wave inverter has square form. The voltage on modified sine wave rises and falls suddenly, as does the phase angle. Modified sine wave inverter will have pause when it passes 0 Volts before changing its polarity.

When compared with a modified sine wave inverter, the pure sine wave inverter is more commonly used for household appliances today. Due to the fact that pure sine wave inverter has low harmonic distortion and produces clean power like electricity from the grid.

With pure sine wave inverter, inductive loads such as microwaves and motors can run faster and quieter, and can reduce noise in various electronical devices such as audio amplifiers, TVs, fans, fluorescent lamps, etc. Using pure sine wave inverter is also able to prevent crush on the computer.

Currently only a few household appliances use modified sine wave inverter. Simple systems that do not have complicated audio and electronic equipment that can be properly run by modified sine wave inverter, such as old tube TVs, digital clocks, etc. Some equipment that cannot be properly run by modified sine waves are laser printers, copiers, some laptops, washing machines, etc.

Due up to higher harmonic distortion in modified sine wave inverter that causes the motor to run hotter. The use of these sine waves also makes annoying noise on devices such as audio, fans, microwaves, etc. This causes frequent occurrence of damage to household appliances.

IMEON solar inverter is a pure sine wave inverter with the ability to adapt and evolve according to user preferences. Thanks to the embedded artificial intelligence, the IMEON solar inverter is able to understand the patterns of energy consumption that given during its configuration, such as in backup mode or support the solar self-consumption. IMEON Energy is the best solar hybrid inverter manufacturer and the only smart solar inverter in the market that is able to evolve quickly based on technological developments.

IMEON Energy continues to ensure every inverter has been tested for its safety and effectiveness through thorough manufacturing surveillance and hundreds of tests and product controls before it reaches the users. Providing the best quality of solar hybrid inverter is our goal.

To maintain the quality of the inverter, IMEON Energy provides for 10 years guarantee if your solar inverter is connected to the Internet at least 95% of the operating time. If the inverter is not connected to the internet, we provide a warranty for 5 years. IMEON Inverter even provides warranty extension up to 20 years (optional) to secure your hybrid solar system.