imeon application ai care

AI Care

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, this application anticipates a possible failure of an Imeon UPS and can send information to users to warn them.

The AI Care application is a real innovation developed by IMEON ENERGY and is available to users who have an IMEON hybrid inverter.

In most cases, users are informed of problems with their appliances as soon as the appliance needs to be examined by a professional after-sales service. Imeon AI Care aims to change this by introducing a revolutionary artificial intelligence-based software that is responsible for collecting information about UPS usage and highlighting potentially risky conditions before they occur.

The user of an Imeon inverter may not be aware that the inverter is subject to frequent overloads by a particular device (or group of devices), exceeding the power of the device because they occur in the presence of the grid. While information is well available on the inverter timeline, through the Timeline Events app, the user may not be accustomed to checking it to discover a potential risk at the right time. Imeon inverters are able to compensate for overloads to a limited extent when the grid is present, however, in the event of a power failure, the inverter has no means of compensation which can lead to a failure. By aggregating past measurements regarding energy consumption as well as the state of the power grid, artificial intelligence can predict a potential future danger and inform the user from the start.

In order to take full advantage of the AI Care feature, log into your IMEON ONLINE account, access your “My Account” area, select “Error” for the Mail Alert notification level.

If an error or potential error is detected, AI care will automatically send an email to the user. The alert received indicates that there is a high threat of inverter failure and that action needs to be taken quickly. The user does not have to log in to his monitoring account every day to keep track of his installation.

Imeon inverters collect and record measurements of several parameters concerning the photovoltaic field, the battery, the state of the electrical network, as well as the energy consumption. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Imeon inverters support a multitude of applications that help protect battery storage, enable remote maintenance, prevent outages and allow users to get the most out of their solar installations for self-consumption with the Imeon inverter.

Much more than just a manufacturer of solar hybrid inverters, IMEON ENERGY is constantly developing new applications and working on topics related to artificial intelligence with the aim of improving the performance of its solutions and the satisfaction of IMEON hybrid inverter users.

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