Imeon app forecast consumption

Forecast consumption

This application allows the IMEON inverter to forecast the energy consumption of the equipped building for the next 24 hours by analysing data recorded in the past and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The Forecast Consumption application is a real innovation developed by IMEON ENERGY and accessible to users who have an IMEON hybrid inverter.

Forecasting the consumption of the site equipped with an IMEON hybrid inverter is a unique feature developed by IMEON ENERGY and made possible by the use of artificial intelligence. Thanks to this application, the UPS will record and learn, for a minimum of seven days, the electricity consumption habits of the building’s occupants. Based on the data collected and calculated, the IMEON UPS can, if necessary, adapt its operation to obtain the best possible results, according to the user’s objectives. The IMEON inverter is also able to forecast solar production thanks to the “Weather Coupling” application which works through the same learning principle, weather forecasts collected via the web connection and an adjustment of these forecasts according to the actual production history of the solar panels.

The data collected and calculated by the “Forecast Consumption” application is shared and used to operate other applications present in the IMEON OS. ONE INTERFACE. For example, the “Smart Load” application will schedule the operation of different electrical appliances taking into account the consumption forecast, the production forecast, the power of each appliance as well as the duration of a cycle of operation. The final goal is to turn on these appliances when excess solar production is detected in order to valorise the kWh generated by the photovoltaic installation and optimise the savings made.

More than just a manufacturer of solar hybrid inverters, IMEON ENERGY is constantly developing new applications and working on topics related to artificial intelligence with the aim of improving the performance of its solutions and the satisfaction of IMEON hybrid inverter users.

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