retrofit system

Retrofit System

This application allows you to use IMEON solutions to add batteries to an existing photovoltaic installation that has its own solar inverter.

Visual of the Retrofit System application

Integrated with the IMEON OS. ONE, the “Retrofit system” application is a real innovation developed by IMEON ENERGY and accessible to users who have an IMEON hybrid UPS

It can be relevant to add a storage system to a photovoltaic installation in different cases:

In the first case, the solar installation was initially planned to inject electricity into the public distribution gridn (with the aim of selling this energy to an energy supplier) but the purchase contract is coming to an end. In this case, it becomes interesting to slightly modify the initial installation to inject the production into the equipped building and to add batteries, via an AC coupling, in order to increase the rate of self-consumption and the autonomy of the equipped site with respect to the grid. This situation will become more and more frequent in the next few years as the introduction of feed-in tariffs for electricity produced by solar photovoltaic installations between 2000 and 2008 has led to a massive deployment of grid-connected solar systems. Gradually, the contracts related to the sale of energy from these installations will come to an end.

In the second case, the solar installation was initially planned for self-consumption without storage but the photovoltaic power was oversized and a significant amount of solar kWh ends up being injected into the grid with very little or no value added. In this case, the addition of batteries allows to increase the self-consumption rate of the site and gives the user the possibility to improve the autonomy of his building with respect to the public electricity distribution network. At the same time, the return on investment time can be improved.

In any case, IMEON inverters installed in AC coupling are compatible with all makes and models of ongrid (grid-connected) solar inverters. For the implementation, it is sufficient to install a Smart Meter at the electrical panel of the building. When the Smart-Meter will detect that energy is going to the grid (production higher than consumption), then the IMEON inverter will start charging the batteries (to charge the excess instead of injecting it into the grid). When the Smart-Meter detects that electricity is being drawn from the grid (consumption exceeds production), then the IMEON hybrid inverter will start supplying energy from the solar installation or from the batteries in order to avoid consuming from the grid.

The installationa of a second Smart-meter (optional) allows to visualize the production of the retrofited inverter on the IMEON ONLINE monitoring platform.

Importantly, using an IMEON inverter to add batteries to your solar installation allows you to maintain a power supply in case of a failure of the public grid (via the AC Backup connector of the IMEON inverter).

More than just a manufacturer of solar hybrid inverters, IMEON ENERGY is constantly developing new applications and working on topics related to artificial intelligence with the goal of improving the performance of its solutions and the satisfaction of IMEON hybrid inverter users.

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