X-Trem ESS from IMEON ENERGY ensures, thanks to its backup function, the power supply of the equipped site in case of a loss of electrical power network supply. The backup function is available as an option for the 60 kW model and included as a standard feature for the 3 to 27 kW models.

In Smart-Grid mode, two battery usage thresholds can be set: the first threshold for when the grid is present and the second, lower threshold for the event of a power outage. This operating mode allows the user to ensure that he will have a reserve of usable energy stored in the battery bank when the public grid is unable to supply power to the building. In Back-Up mode, the battery bank is kept 100% charged at all times by solar electricity and the public grid. In this mode X-Trem ESS allows the batteries to be discharged only when the public grid is unavailable. This mode is particularly suitable for sensitive applications that require a constant supply of electricity.