imeon application blockchain


Blockchain application is a responsible for validation of the measurements performed and registered by the inverters used in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Since the validation is done via blockchain there is no need for trusted third-party verification.


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Blockchain Application Interface

Integrated into the IMEON OS. ONE operating system, the Blockchain is an innovative application developed by IMEON ENERGY and accessible free of charge to owners of an Imeon hybrid inverter.

IMEON Virtual Power Plant platform uses blockchain to track the energy used by network operators and owners of the solar installations managed by Imeon solar hybrid inverters. Since the VPP operators can (for example) remotely trigger the solar system to charge the batteries with energy coming from the grid, it was necessary to develop means of distinguishing energy consumed by the user to power up appliances from the energy used by the network operators in order to invoice the user correctly.

The blockchain is a modern technology used for decentralized storage and verification of data. Unlike most technologies, instead of using one local storage unit (such as a server) the data is stored on multiple local machines called nodes, in a file called ledger. The entries in the ledger are encrypted using cryptographic function called hash which, in addition to hiding the data, is responsible for verifying that each new entry to the ledger database comes from a verified source. Since new entries have to be verified and approved by multiple nodes, there is no possibility of making random alterations to the ledger, making the entries reliable and secure.

In practice, energy pushed to the batteries by a network operator, detected and measured locally by Imeon inverter can be logged as a transaction that should not be invoiced in the ledger, while energy consumed by the user can be logged as a separate transaction, one that should be invoiced. Thanks to this technology, there’s no need for additional metering structure and third-party verification.

Much more than a manufacturer of solar hybrid inverters, IMEON ENERGY is constantly developing new software applications and working on projects related to artificial intelligence in order to improve the performance of its solutions and the satisfaction of owners of IMEON hybrid inverters.

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