imeon application load balancing

Load Balancing

The “Load Balancig” application allows the IMEON inverter to offset the use of certain devices to avoid excessive power demands.

IMEON has developed the “Load Balancing” application in order to avoid having at certain times of the day too high electrical power calls that require drawing energy from the public electricity grid.

For example, let’s take the example of a user who has three radiators with a unit power of 2000W in his house:

– Without the “Load Balancing” application, the three radiators can start operating simultaneously and generate a power demand of 6000W (not counting the other electrical appliances operating in the home at that time). If this user is equipped with an IMEON 3.6, the inverter will be able to supply a maximum of 3000W from the solar panels and the battery and then the missing 3000W will be taken from the public grid and charged by the electricity supplier.

– With the “Load Balancing” application, the three heat sinks will be set up as movable and interruptible loads. In this case, the IMEON inverter will stop the operation of two of the heat sinks (by opening an external relay) if all three start operating at the same time in order to avoid exceeding the power of the inverter and drawing power from the public grid. When the first heatsink stops working, then the inverter will activate the second heatsink, then when the second heatsink stops, the IMEON will activate the third heatsink. This operation does not change the comfort of the house in any way, but allows the energy savings to be optimised by smoothing the house’s load curve (or consumption profile).

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