Downloadable applications

downloadable applications for photovoltaic inverter imeon

To support the users of an IMEON photovoltaic inverter, our teams are continually developing new applications that are available in the app library of the IMEON OS. ONE interface. These applications allow an optimal exploitation of the capacities of the photovoltaic IMEON inverter. The applications are divided into four different categories which are explained below.

  • Supervision: These are applications that allow the user to follow the operation of their PV system through IMEON inverter. For example, the application “Timeline” displays information about the events occurring within the installation, such as parameters exceeding specification, loss of communication with lithium batteries or the transition to backup mode due to a grid failure.
  • Battery management: these are applications that make the IMEON photovoltaic inverter compatible with certain lithium batteries. To operate with lithium batteries, it is mandatory to establish and sustain communication between the battery management system (BMS) and the IMEON inverter. Using the communication bus, lithium batteries can send information such as charging or discharging currents to apply or not to exceed. This communication occurs through a CAN software protocol and is mandatory for security reasons.
  • Smart-grid: These are applications that allow the IMEON photovoltaic inverter to operate by taking into account parameters related to the public electricity distribution network or specific instructions such as battery charging or discharging time. The regulations vary from one country to another, and some of the smart-grid applications make it possible to adapt their installation to local regulations.
  • Smart-home: these are applications that can communicate with and / or control certain connected devices present in the building. For example, the “Water Heater” application optimizes the self-consumption rate by starting a water heater when excess solar power generation is present.

By downloading these applications, the user can keep their IMEON PV inverter up to date to accommodate the latest technological developments.