The connected inverter and connected energy

Enter the universe of connected devices and connected energy (IoT)

Your connected IMEON inverter is designed to keep up with technological advancements as well as to integrate itself into the Internet of Things (IoT).

For example, by downloading the “Philips Hue” application your connected IMEON inverter will communicate with the Philips Hue lamp to send the light signals according to the operating state of its solar system. With this application, you can set custom alerts in function of the state of charge of the battery, the presence of excess production, or you can choose to be notified about a transition to backup mode. For example, it is possible to switch the color of the lamp to red when the state of charge of your battery is low level or to switch the color of the lamp to green when the solar output is substantial.

Many applications like the one above are being developed to connect IMEON to new devices or “consumer loads” such as water heaters. In addition to that, Imeon Energy is already engaging with companies creating smart home equipment to accelerate the development of the new software.

With these new technologies, a whole new world of connected energy management is opening up and your IMEON hybrid inverter is ready for it.