Technologie Imeon Over-The-Air

More adaptable

Unlike vast majority of the inverters on the market, the IMEON photovoltaic inverter is a truly scalable device.

Every IMEON incorporates a Texas Instruments ARM Cortex processor and 8 GB of memory, that is to say it embeds a real computer. Its large storage capacity is foreseen for future updates and downloadable applications available through the IMEON OS. ONE software. These applications will keep evolving your photovoltaic inverter. As they come out, they will allow it to adapt to technological developments as well as regulatory changes that may occur. Because of modular software architecture, the IMEON photovoltaic inverter has the capacity to keep up with new emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Thing (IoT), Smart Home or electric mobility.

Having an embedded artificial intelligence gives IMEON photovoltaic inverter the ability to learn and therefore to anticipate and predict. By understanding its environment and the patterns of energy consumption a little better each day, the inverter can adapt its own operation in order to better respect the instructions given to it during configuration, such as favoring self-consumption or operating in back-up mode…

IMEON is the only solar inverter on the market that has these capabilities to evolve fast and far. To buy an IMEON photovoltaic inverter today, it is to forget about the obsolescence of the product. It’s an investment in an energy manager that will develop on its own by downloading new applications and thus will become the heart and brains of the solar system.