More secure

IMEON is probably the most secure PV inverter on the market. IMEON informs the user and the installer of current events concerning the self-consumption solar installation. It also assures, by the backup function, the power supply for home’s essentials during power outages.

The backup function is available in the Smart-Grid mode and in the Back-Up mode of the IMEON photovoltaic inverters.

The Smart-Grid mode, comes with 2 thresholds of battery discharge which are configurable, namely maximum depth of discharge when the grid is present and maximum depth of discharge when the grid is down. It is important to define two different thresholds to assure that a certain amount of energy stored in the batteries is available for backup.

In Backup mode, when the network is functional the batteries are kept permanently charged. Battery discharge is only allowed when a power outage occurs. This mode allows you to dedicate the full capacity of the battery for backup power supply during network interruptions.

The user can follow the operation of his installation locally by connecting to IMEON OS. ONE, which is also used to configure the PV inverter. IMEON web monitoring portal allows in turn to analyze the performance information remotely. The installer has access to a dedicated monitoring interface which allows him to inspect all of his IMEON installations through the park management feature.

In the near future, the IMEON PV inverter will be able to send alerts to users and installers to avoid significant events.

These features, among others, are implemented with the intention to make the installations as secure as possible and to simplify the supervision and diagnostic operations for installers.